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    SCANGRIP est l'histoire d'une transformation remarquable d'un forgeron local au premier fabricant européen de lampes de travail à LED innovantes pour les professionnels.
    Dans le but d'établir de nouvelles normes pour les lampes de travail professionnelles, SCANGRIP propose la gamme la plus complète de lampes de travail à LED extrêmement puissantes, fonctionnelles, conviviales et conçues pour s'adapter aux environnements de travail difficiles et exigeants.

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    AREA 10 CAS is a work light providing a diffused and uniform light up to 10,000 lumen. It is ideal for the professional user who requires powerful and efficient illumination of the entire work area carrying out any kind of repair, paint, or construction work.
    Change between 360° and 180° illumination according to the work task. The built-in dimmer function enables you to adjust the light output into five different levels.
    As a unique feature, AREA 10 CAS is compatible with 12V - 18V METABO/CAS batteries (cordless alliance system) providing long operating time. At the same time, the SCANGRIP POWER SUPPLY can be used for direct power providing unlimited availability to light. AREA 10 CAS also has an internal back-up battery securing 50 extra minutes at 1000 lumen.
    With the integrated BLUETOOTH light control, it is possible to turn on/off the work light and adjust the light output through a mobile device, saving you time from manual operation and increases work efficiency on a daily basis.
    Work light with high flexibility
    Due to the integrated carrying handle as well as compact and low weight design, AREA 10 CAS is portable and easy to carry around. It is also supplied with a hook for flexible positioning and can be mounted directly on the SCANGRIP TRIPOD. Dust and waterproof, IP65, and supplied with a built-in powerbank with USB outlet to charge mobile devices.

    -Diffused, non-blinding light, up to 10000 lumen

    -Compatible with all 12V-18V METABO/CAS batteries

    -Portable due to compact design and low weight

    -Long operation time, up to 6 hours at 4000 lumen with METABO/CAS 18V 10.0 Ah battery

    -Extremely durable with high IP (IP65)
    -BLUETOOTH light control app

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